Forum Thread: Wedding Gifts

I am going to a wedding in July and I am on a budget. The wedding requires me to fly across country, get a rental car, and a hotel room. Add in the cost of the tux and the two gifts I've already gifted the new couple, and I'm out at least $1k before my date and I walk in the door.

What's proper etiquette for the big gift? Is it the same for a couple as for an individual? Is it 2x what an individual should spend? 

I don't mean to be a cheapskate, but I am trying to not break my bank in a single weekend.

Thanks for your help, BW World!

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2 Responses

I'm a little confused - if you already gave them 2 gifts for getting married, why do you need to give them another one? 

If you are flying across the country, renting a tux, a car and a hotel room, I think your friends will understand if you do not get them a third gift.

Personally I think they will appreciate all the trouble it took for you to be there and will consider your effort and presence is a much better gift than a toaster.

Gifts at a wedding are not obligatory. They are completely optional. I think you have made more than enough effort and they should appreciate that.

Why have you already given them two gifts? Engagement gift and a shower gift?

If you stil feel the need to give them a big gift, I don't think it needs to be twice the amount b/c it's from both of you. Spend whatever you can afford. If they are truly your friends, they will not judge you on the gift you give.

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