News: Cheapest days to have your wedding

Cheapest days to have your wedding

Weddings are expensive, but there is a way to have all the glamour and beauty of a wedding day without it costing a fortune.

The least expensive days to have a wedding is mid-week - Monday to Thursday. The ideal mid-week day to have a wedding is the night prior to a public/bank holiday. It allows the guests to have either a long weekend and a short day at work and have a rest the next day.

Mondays are possibly the cheapest, however you need to look out for suppliers who don't work on Mondays. The suppliers we all need are hairdressers/stylists & make up artists, florists, cake shops, car hire companies, bands/DJs, photographers and celebrants/reverends - typically those businesses that have a roaring trade on the weekend will not work on a Monday. What's a wedding without these key factors? When choosing your suppliers, ensure that they know from the very start that your wedding is on a Monday, and make sure that they are prepared to work on your Monday - your special day. You should also ask them if the price remains the same or is cheaper for this less popular day, if so, you've got yourself a bargain.

Wedding reception venues tend to have a cheaper rate on a weekday, sometimes up to 20% off the weekend price. When you start looking at 100-200 guests, that could be the cost of your wedding dress. If the wedding reception venue doesn't offer a discount, ask them if other things are included - for instance, the first $1000 in alcohol consumed is included or decorations on your tables/chairs. That can help reduce the overall cost of your wedding day.

Suit hire for the men can also be cheaper on a week day due to the lack of people getting married or having a formal occasion to attend during the week. Always ask to get a discount, you'll never know if you never ask.

The best thing to do is stick to your budget. The largest expense you will have is your reception. If it means culling your guest list from 200 to 150, or 100 to 60 people, make it happen. A weekday event can also make it hard for people to get there (especially the less important guests), so it could be a natural culling in its own way.

Remember it is your day, no one can take it away from you. You make it the day that you want it to be and what you can afford. Don't be pressured from family members to invite some long lost cousin or a partner for every guest. Invite those who are special to you and it will be the best day of your life.

-Sue Langeder

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