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Forum Thread: (How to Do) Low Cost Marketing

Marketing in business can be expensive, but to ignore it can be disastrous. There is a fine line between throwing money away on your marketing and getting the most from the money you spend but in some cases, there is simply next to no budget for marketing. So, how can you market something with low cost to marketing?

Forum Thread: "Plus ones"

I have mixed feelings on this subject. I don't mind our guests’ bringing their significant others: spouses, partners, fiances, long-time boyfriends and girlfriends. But I do not have the budget to wine and dine my best friend's latest boy toy.

Forum Thread: Wedding Gifts

I am going to a wedding in July and I am on a budget. The wedding requires me to fly across country, get a rental car, and a hotel room. Add in the cost of the tux and the two gifts I've already gifted the new couple, and I'm out at least $1k before my date and I walk in the door.

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