Forum Thread: "Plus ones"

I have mixed feelings on this subject. I don't mind our guests' bringing their significant others: spouses, partners, fiances, long-time boyfriends and girlfriends. But I do not have the budget to wine and dine my best friend's latest boy toy.

Is there a tactful way to discourage single guests from bringing a date?

Are you giving your single guests a "plus one"?

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4 Responses

i think sending invitations to individuals is best. if you are inviting a couple, write both of their whole names on the invitation. 

and for the record, i think it is also in the interest of a random +1. who wants to hang out at some unknown person's wedding anyway!?!

I wish I could eliminate plus-ones all together, but I think I will be insulting my single friends. A wedding is about the celebration of love and I think that some single people find it depressing to be at a wedding without a date.

Colin, maybe you are right and I should address it to the individual. If they want to bring a plus one, they can just call me and tell me. It's really only some of my close friends that I am worried about.

That is pretty much what I did. If my friends were single I just sent them an individual invitation. They all just called me and asked if it was ok to bring so-and-so as a date. I found it didn't really affect my numbers that much. 

Also, not everyone's going to be able to make it to your wedding. I had a list of about 150 people, and around 30-40 people declined to come. 

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